2010 Festival

Ceramics Ireland International Festival 2010

This festival featured Richard Notkin – USA, Jiansheng Li – China, Walter Keeler, Brendan Hesmondhalgh – UK, Sara Flynn, Etain Hickey – Ireland.

At each festival we strive to bring together a diverse group of International makers to inspire festival participants. We ask them to share their working methods, their ideas, inspirations and techniques. This happens over the course of the weekend as they demonstrate their individual making processes and share something of themselves, they allow us to see what inspires them to work with clay.

Throughout the course of the festival, makers also give a slide show, which looks at previous work and their evolution as a makers. It’s a jam-packed, filled with excitement as people gain an insight into the visiting makers and learn new approaches to working…..and of course no clay festival would be complete without a firing or two, this year will feature wood and Raku firings. The event brings together international visitors and makers from all over Ireland as they converge on Thomastown and the picturesque setting of the Island Mill. It is a weekend of celebration as we share the highs and lows of working with clay. We hope everyone goes home energized and eager to try new ideas in the studio.

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