2016 Fesitval

The Ceramics Ireland International Festival 2nd – 4th September 2016 

Grennan Mill, Thomastown, Kilkenny

Featuring Demonstrations and slide presentations from Janet DeBoos – Australia, Jim Behan and Owen Quinlan – Ireland, Susan Beiner and Randi O’Brien – USA and Ann Van Hoey – Belgium.

3 weeks left to our 6th International Festival and we have just released a limited number of day tickets, Full Weekend tickets are still available! Weekend pass holders are in with chance to win the Paddy Weston Memorial Award the winner of which receives a full refund on their ticket or a free pass to the 2018 Festival.

Day passes €75 for Members, €95 for Non Members (Scroll to bottom of this page for payment options)

The Lecture Programme will include Friday – Muireann Charleton from the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland. Saturday – Helen Doherty and Matt Smith. Sunday – Kathleen Moroney and Tina Byrne.

To see what is taking place each day check out the TIME TABLE for the Festival weekend – Click here to download


Ann Van Hoey

My ‘Earthenware Ferrari’ series combines the old 130404 429metier of making earthenware vessels
with the most luxurious status symbol of modern society, that of a red Ferrari. On a Ferrari car, the glossy red coating is merely meant to seduce the consumer. Here, however, the unexpected combination of pure craftsmanship with the pinnacle of capitalist consumerism, challenges the spectator to reflect upon the balance between tradition and progress.



Randi O’Brien – USA

I am a sculptor, pRandi O'Brien - Pelicanotter, and video artist who chose clay and ceramics as my medium. While I navigate multiple modes of ceramic production, the narrative intention of a fable is the moral fiber within all of my work. I cherish the cycles of yearning and atonement, which reveal the radiance of a character’s personal discovery. It is within this cycle that an audience can see a character’s ability to navigate the struggles beyond a visible plain of existence. 

Owen Quinlan – Ireland 

As5. Environment to Object Series a maker of objects I’m drawn to certain qualities… Objects which express dual characteristics, both natural and industrial appeal to me. Those that inhabit that fine threshold between one state and the next most of all. How we influence our landscape, and how in turn our lives are recorded on the materials we come into contact with are central themes to my work. This is something I try to capture in the objects that I make.

Janet DeBoos – Australia

I have always madeJanet DeBoos_2014_09_067 domestic pottery. The work exists in the space between the act of making and the act of use. It is a practice of vicarious pleasures- of imagined use (for the maker) and imagined making (for the user). In the same way in my current work occupies the space between my life in Australia and my life in China, and helps me to make sense of both differences and commonalities- a kind of hybrid pottery where borders are permeable and iconic decorative imagery become transnational.

Susan Beiner – USA 

My current work displays a shift to ideas about installation, covering an expanse of space. Installation allows Organic Dissolutionme to reassemble shapes, attributes, qualities and quantities on a much larger scale suggesting an essential connection to our physical space. My interest is fueled by elements of layering, fragmentation, multiplication, juxtaposition and complication. Intense brilliant color reveals an obviously artificial man-made reality. Colour is swirled together in rhythmic sequences mirroring the activities of a microscopic sample or aerial topography. The encrustations are abstracted from real plant life, allowing the viewer to proceed into the interior pattern of a stylized manufactured plastic plant life. So as a viewer we are challenged by our own perceptions of what is authentic and what is not.

Jim Behan – Ireland      

Jim Behleafjar2an describes himself as a ‘committed amateur’. Living within a three minute walk from his school in Carlow his professional career as a teacher always ran parallel to his pottery life. His present work is mainly traditional slipware and occasionally stonewares informed by the Japanese tea ceremony. All the work is woodfired.


For a glimpse of what you have to look forward to, have a look at this video from our 2014 festival:

Ceramics Ireland Festival 2014 Promo from CeramicsIreland.


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