CENTRED 2014 / 2015


Farmleigh Gallery, Phoenix Park. 8th August – 5th October 2014

CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork. 6th – 28th February 2015

In CENTRED Ceramics Ireland celebrated the breadth of contemporary Irish ceramic practice. The number and quality of the individual submissions, 120 in total, ensured the selection of a critical mass of exhibitors. We took this opportunity to put Irish Ceramics in focus as we welcomed hundreds of international ceramic practitioners from around the world to Dublin Castle for the International Academy of Ceramics 46th General Assembly. CENTRED showcased the work of 35, Irish and Ireland based makers, selected by an independent panel, working across the spectrum of clay practice from functional to decorative vessels to sculptural and video installation.

Catalogues are available € 20 including postage and packaging