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Alan Gaillard Ceramics

Alan Gaillard makes high-fired stoneware ceramics, mainly domestic ware, commissions and one-off pieces. Alan is the founding chairman of the (then) Craft Potters Society of Ireland (now Ceramics Ireland) and has exhibited in many of their exhibitions. Located in Clifden, the scenic heart of Connemara, his work can be found in Clifden and at his studios 2kms out on the main N59 Westport Road.

Alan Gaillard Stoneware Pottery

Alan Gaillard Shattock founded and was first Chairman of the Craft Potters Society of Ireland (now Ceramics Ireland) and has exhibited in many of their exhibitions. Alan now lives at his studio home with his woollen artist partner Sandra, near Clifden in the west of Ireland where he makes wheel-thrown and hand built reduction fired stoneware in colours inspired by the Connemara landscape. Visitors are very welcome at their studios and showroom on the Westport Road, two kms from Clifden.

Alison Kay

My forms are coil and slab built using Raku clay. Layers of Terra Sigillata are applied and then burnished. After the firing, adhesive paper is placed on the surface in patterns, then smoke fired. The paper is then peeled away to reveal the colour beneath. Through this process, my aim is to create contemporary forms that have a reference to the past.

Annadale Brickworks Co



I work in clay, bronze and glass. My work is abstract with an emphasis on form, often referencing the natural world. In ceramics I work in small scale and large scale. I have worked in the sculptural medium since 1991. I have won prize for "Best Sculpture in the Garden" at Blooms in 2008, the National University of Ireland Art and Design Prize 2010 and the Hungry Hill Gallery Award 2011. My work can be found in the collections of the National University of Ireland, the Craft Council of Ireland, Microsoft Ireland and the Millcove Gallery Sculpture Garden. I am currently a Resident Artist in the NCAD.

Ardmore Pottery and Gallery

Gallery, Craft Shop and Pottery, check web site for details

Babs Belshaw Ceramics.

Babs is originally from the Isle of Man and moved to county Derry in her teens. Pursuing a career in the arts took her to Cardiff school of Art and Design graduating in 2014 gaining a BA (hons) in ceramics. During her degree she specialized in porcelain tableware and she exhibited in many places. Graduating from DCCOI Ceramic Skills and Design Course in July 2016 Babs is now running her studio in Carnew Co Wicklow. “The movement of water and structure of ice has inspired the shape of my series of thrown porcelain vessels. The shades of blues and green perfectly compliment the crystal glazes. The forms express the variety within the natural world, inspired by every individual organism’s unique natural beauty.”

Ballingaddy Pottery and Tileworks

I design and make low and high relief ceramic tiles using hand carved plaster moulds. Because I am in a small studio I am able to create bespoke tiles using designs that are sent to me via email on a commissioned basis.

Ballyhoura Ceramics

My work is influence by the movement and flow of the river. Each piece is thrown on the wheel, some are then altered. All the glazes are made in the studio. Check out website for images

Baurnafea Ceramics

Studio pottery in rural Co. Kilkenny, shared with my wife, the basket maker Heike Kahle. I produce a wide range of pottery. Most pieces are wheelbased and fired either in an electric or woodfired kiln.

Bizarro Ceramics

I am a ceramic designer from Limerick. I create wall panels and free standing high fired stoneware pieces based on urban and rural architecture. I have been influenced by architecture, both modern and ancient and added a quirky twist to create cartoon like, surreal landscapes and cityscapes. As all my work is hand built and glazed each piece is individually unique.

Blue Egg Gallery

The Blue Egg Gallery, in the heart of Wexford town shows contemporary craft work by Irish and international makers working in all media, but particularly clay. The range of work on display includes both functional and decorative work. Alongside work by gallery artists, the Blue Egg also arranges regular exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops.

Blue Egg Gallery

The Blue Egg Gallery, in the heart of Wexford town shows contemporary craft work by Irish and international makers working in all media, but particularly clay. The range of work on display includes both functional and decorative work. Alongside work by gallery artists, the Blue Egg also arranges regular exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops.

Carmel Doyle

Carmel Doyle's ceramic stoneware is inspired by animals, nature and stained glass.

Caroline Dolan Ceramics @ The Bridge Pottery

Studio Pottery located in the heart of Kilkenny countryside. Open 6 days a week 10-6. Featuring ceramic work by both Mark Campden and Caroline Dolan and a other selected local craftspeople.

Caroline Heyraud

My work has always been influenced by the natural world: humans, mammals, insects etc…the structural and architectural aspect within life. These life forms are amazingly elaborate and beautiful in shape and variety. I am concerned with the balance of volumes and proportions, their strength and structure. These last years I have made sculpture pieces out of porcelain and it is in some way the material driving the making process. I like the purity, the luminosity and fragility it brings to the subject. There is a certain amount of craft in my interest in attention to detail. My purpose is to create pieces, which have a sense of beauty but which also have a quality about their mass and volume and capture the essence and energy of the subject.

Ciara Campbell Ceramics

Campbell takes her inspiration from traditional toys and dolls. She finds great satisfaction in creating works that can be physically interacted with. Her quirky pieces create a sound or movement that bring the viewer some sense of nostalgic joy, transporting them back to a childhood place, with an adult twist. Campbell also creates large scale ceramic works for commission. And is an active community artist.

Ciara Ní Chualáin Ceramics

Handmade pottery and jewellery. I make everything by hand and my work is mainly thrown, even the tiny teacup earrings. My jewellery is all made with sterling silver. The landscape of Inis Oírr, the smallest of the Aran Islands, is a constant source of inspiration to me. The movement of the sea and the patterns left on the sand by the continuous rhythms of the tide are what most inspire me.

Claire Finlay ceramics

My sculpture is influenced by the passage of time and gradual decay of all things. I use stoneware and porcelain to create my fish and birds, and have recently enjoyed working with resin and other mixed media to enhance the effect of solidity and transparency.

Claire Molloy Ceramics

Claire Molloy specialises in horsehair and smoke fired ceramics. She is influenced by the Irish rural environment and likes to create simple natural looking forms with subtle colours and textures. Her love of horses directly influences her horsehair pottery. She uses hair from her horse’s manes and tails to embellish the vessels. She also uses wood shavings, straw and hay to create her smoke fired pots, all materials which are used to care for her horses. Claire also creates individual pots for horse owners, where each pot is decorated with hair from a particular horse to create a unique memento.She has an honours degree in Sculptural ceramics from the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology and has attended the Crafts Council of Ireland’s Ceramics Skills and Design Course.

Claire Murdock Ceramics - Antrim

In creating thrown, mainly functional pieces I explore architecture and form with its many interesting shapes, angles and scales. I have a true passion for teapots and I enjoy exploring and making my own unique style, having studied them and their history in depth. Making connections and bonds between the pieces in either groups or coupled pieces is important to me in the way I display my work. I use a series of processes and techniques to create pieces in a variety of clays. My favourite of those that I have recently come to work with is porcelain. I love its durable and translucent qualities and look forward to my challenging journey ahead in working with it.

Clare Greene Ceramics

Studio Ceramic Artist

Clare Jordan Ceramics

'Porcelain with Passion!' Handbuilt, glazed & unglazed porcelain tableware, jewellery, sculpture and wall art from Swallows Rest Studio. Inspired by water's contrasts of 'delicate strength', porcelain is transformed with passion and innovation to gifts of beauty and function. A local Irish business founded by Clare Jordan, uses the swallow as it's logo, as a result of the swallows returning to her garage where she first started the business in 2010. Tableware products range from Wave Bowls, Platters & Vases to 'Porcelain Pouches' pots. Jewellery designs are unique combining porcelain with silver, gold & fabricBespoke Wall Art & Sculptures have diverse themes and everything is GIFTBOXED!!

Clare Mc Comish Ceramics

Visual Ceramic Artist

Cloonmore Pottery

Juliet Ball trained in ceramics at the C.N.I.F.O.P. in Central France, then worked in her own studio near Perpignan for 10 years before moving to the west of Ireland with her family and etablishing Cloonmore Pottery in 2005. Most of her work is functional: ash-glazed stoneware; glazed porcelain and smoke-fired pieces. All her work is finely thrown on the potter's wheel, hand finished, glazed with her own glazes and reduction-fired in a gas kiln.. She can be found most Saturdays selling her work on the Galway Market, however visitors are very welcome to visit her studio and showroom. Juliet ball exhibits regularly with Ceramics Ireland.

Crannmór Pottery

Wheel thrown functional pottery to suit all homes. I create pots that will become an enjoyable and familiar part of your everyday life.

De Crofts

Sculptural work, raku. Teaching ceramics Fetac level 5

Deborah Hickey Ceramics

My work is primarily influenced by fashion and fabric in particular Victorian costume. The extravagance of fashion, textures and patterns created mixed with my own personality as a maker creates a very unique almost Vintage style to my work. I design and create handmade original ceramics from my home in Co. Tipperary. My pieces are heavily decorated with patterns and textures incorporating a range of techniques including impressions, slip resist, inlay and coloured clay. All of my work is made in porcelain. My product range includes tableware sets, jewellery, sculptures and personalised items.

Dolmen Pottery

One man studio making woodfired earthenware domestic pottery.

Dominic Punch Ceramics

My work is a representation of the cycle of life. Nature and life always leave evidence of their presence, and it is this aspect of leaving a trace through the passage of time that finds expression in my work. This cycle is echoed within the ceramic process. Clay at its rawest form is at its most natural state which signified the beginning of life. The firing process resonates with ritualistic practises which represent the end of life. Yet the trace of life remains.

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